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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, March 10, 2023

2 Year-Old Israeli Child Dies Week After Terror Car Ramming

Original source

Israel Hayom

Hadar Noga Lavi, a 2-year-old Israeli girl, was laid to rest on Friday just over a week after being critically wounded in a terrorist car-ramming attack in Samaria.

The incident received very little media coverage and was widely dismissed as a routine car accident. But Hadar’s mother, who suffered light injuries, reported at the time that the main Samaria highway on which they were driving was empty and that the oncoming Palestinian driver purposely swerved toward them. When she tried to swerve into the left lane to avoid a collision, the Palestinian matched her movement and rammed the mother and child at full speed.

The Palestinian driver was killed in the collision.

Little Hadar spent the last week in intensive care at a Jerusalem hospital where doctors fought to save her life. But in the end her injuries were too extensive.

She was laid to rest in the biblical Jewish town of Shiloh in central Samaria.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral.