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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, July 9, 2024

Gazan anti-Hamas activist critically injured in attack by masked men

Original source

The Times of Israel

A well-known activist in Gaza who criticized the ruling Hamas terror group online was assaulted Monday by a group of men wielding batons and knives, according to the activist’s family.

Amin Abed, 35, is reportedly in critical condition in a hospital in northern Gaza after being attacked while walking home.

Videos circulating on social media purported to show Abed in the immediate aftermath of the attack, as well as in the hospital afterward.

The activist’s father, Salah Abed, detailed the attack in a Facebook post, but did not say who was responsible.

Amer Balousha, a friend of the activist who was also involved in organizing anti-Hamas protests, said more than 20 masked men attacked Abed.

Balousha said that when bystanders tried to intervene, the attackers fired shots in the air and claimed to be from Hamas’s internal security.

The Hamas-run police, which maintained a high degree of public order before the war, has largely vanished from the streets after being targeted in Israeli strikes, but the terror group still exerts control across the territory.

Criminal gangs and other armed groups have exploited the breakdown of law and order, robbing aid convoys and further complicating humanitarian efforts.

There was no comment from Hamas.

Amin Abed helped organize protests in 2019 over the harsh economic conditions under Hamas rule and taxes it imposed.

More recently, he has criticized Hamas’s devastating October 7 attack, in which thousands of terrorists invaded southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, killing some 1,200 people and taking 251 hostages, sparking the ongoing war.

Abed criticized Hamas in a Facebook post the morning of the attack, which some on social media connected to his assault later that day.