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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, May 23, 2024

Hamas terrorists, father and son, admit raping before murdering women on Oct. 7

Original source

The Jerusalem Post

Two Hamas terrorists, a father and son, confessed to raping innocent Israeli civilians before killing them on October 7, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Jamal Hussein Ahmad Radi, a 47-year-old Palestinian from Gaza, was described as shameless, and his 18-year-old son, Abdallah, was called evil in the report.

The report focused on a video in which the two terrorists described murdering civilians in their homes, kidnapping victims, and raping women before murdering them.

The report described how the two terrorists confessed to invading Israel and infiltrating Kibbutz Nir Oz, where “in each house where [they] found someone, [they] either killed them or kidnapped them.”

The father described how he had raped a crying woman while holding her at gunpoint, and that after 15 minutes, he left her but did not know what happened to her afterward.

According to the son’s confession, however, his father did not provide the investigators with the entire truth. The son said his father had killed the woman after she was raped by multiple people, including himself, the report said.

“My father raped her, then I did, and then my cousin did, and then we left,” he was quoted as saying. “But my father killed the woman after we finished raping her.”

Another woman was raped by the two terrorists, as well as two more people who were raped by the father, the report said, saying he had confessed to having “raped another girl as well,” and that he “broke into five houses.”

Father and son are both in custody

According to the IDF, both the father and son are in custody in Israel and awaiting trial.

The testimonies arrived two months after a report concerning sexual-violence incidents on October 7 delivered by Pramila Patten, special representative of the UN secretary-general, the report said.

Patten’s report was based on interviews with multiple October 7 victims and survivors, as well as investigating the bodies of victims at different morgues.

“It was a catalog of the most extreme and inhumane forms of killing, torture, and other horrors,” the Daily Mail quoted Patten as saying.

Some women who were at the Supernova music festival on October 7 were also victims of Hamas’s use of sexual violence as a weapon, the report said.

The report ended with an IDF spokesperson being quoted as saying in a video: “Over the past months, we’ve seen countless evidence of the brutal violence used by Hamas on October 7, including harrowing acts of gender-based and sexual violence. These confessions further prove that any attempt to deny the horrors of October 7, and discredit the testimonies of witnesses, survivors, and freed hostages, is part of a campaign to delegitimize Israel and to promote the justification of terrorism.”