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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, November 9, 2023

IDF recording shows Hamas uses Gaza ambulances for terror

Original source

Jewish News Syndicate

The Israel Defense Forces released on Wednesday an intercepted phone call that it claims proves Hamas is using civilian infrastructure, and particularly medical facilities and supplies, for terror purposes.

In the call, a Gaza resident is heard asking a Hamas terrorist, “Should I send an ambulance?”

To which the terrorist replies: “No man, I have ambulances. I can go out with whatever ambulance.”

The Palestinian civilian interjects: “Brother, there is an ambulance that if I tell him to come to you, he will take you and bring you to the entrance of your house.”

The terrorist retorts: “Brother, there are ambulances that go and come back. I can go with any ambulance.”

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) also released on Wednesday an interrogation video of one of the terrorists who participated in Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre.

“[Hamas’s] Al-Qassam [terror unit] has its own ambulances, some of which are located on the military base. The appearance of the ambulances is similar to the civilian ambulances so that they will not arouse suspicion or be bombed by Israel,” he says.

On Friday, the IDF said that an aircraft struck an ambulance in the Gaza Strip that according to military intelligence was being used by Hamas very close to the combat zone. The military added that several terrorists were killed in the strike near Gaza’s Dar Al-Shifa Hospital.

The Israeli military has previously revealed that Hamas makes extensive use of Shifa Hospital. Last week, Israel released a recording of a phone call confirming that Hamas is storing at least half a million liters of fuel underneath the hospital.