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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, October 24, 2023

Kill, behead, rape: Interrogated Hamas members detail atrocities against civilians

Original source

The Times of Israel

Israeli security agencies published video footage Monday from the apparent interrogations of seven Hamas terrorists who were captured following the Palestinian terror group’s October 7 onslaught, in which they admitted they had been ordered to carry out atrocities against Israeli civilians.

In one video released by the Israel Defense Forces, a person whose face is blurred said that gunmen were given instructions to kill everyone they saw, including beheading victims and cutting off their legs.

“The plan was to go from home to home, from room to room, to throw grenades and kill everyone, including women and children,” he said. “Hamas ordered us to crush their heads and cut them off, [and] to cut their legs.”

He also said they were given permission to rape the corpse of a girl.

The terrorist was captured during an attack on Kibbutz Alumim, according to the IDF. During the attack, the kibbutz’s local security team managed to repel the terrorists after they had already infiltrated a part of the kibbutz where foreign workers lived. They killed 16 Thai and Nepali nationals there, and abducted eight others to Gaza.

In total, some 1,400 people were murdered in Israel during the unprecedented assault, mostly civilians slaughtered in their homes or at an outdoor music festival, as well as soldiers in bases near the border. At least 224 people, including the elderly, women and children, were abducted to Gaza, in the bloodiest and most deadly attack in Israeli history.

Another video, released by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police, was said to show excerpts from the questioning of six members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba forces who participated in the mass murders and kidnappings.

“In Gaza, those who bring hostages get a grant — an apartment and $10,000,” said one.

One of the men was seen saying Hamas’s orders were to kill young men and to “kidnap the elderly, women and children.”

One testified that he had shot a dog that approached him outside one of the homes.

Another said he and his team had torched two homes.

The Shin Bet and police said in a statement that according to several of the terrorists, while thousands of Hamas operatives were sent into Israel, senior Hamas commanders remained behind, safe in hideout apartments.

They said the detainees had given detailed accounts of the infiltration and the onslaught, including information “that has been used and will be used to attack targets in the Gaza Strip.”

“The security forces of the State of Israel will settle accounts with all the terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre,” the statement said.

Also on Monday, the government screened for 200 members of the foreign press some 43 minutes of harrowing scenes of murder, torture and decapitation from the onslaught on southern Israel, including raw videos from the terrorists’ bodycams.

The government said it had decided to show journalists part of its collected documentation in order to dispel what a spokesperson characterized as “a Holocaust-denial-like phenomenon happening in real-time,” as doubts have been raised around the world about some of the most horrific of Hamas’s atrocities.

Journalists were not permitted to record the screening, which took place on a closed military base.