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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, March 26, 2024

Released hostage Amit Soussana reveals she was sexually assaulted by Hamas captor in Gaza

Original source

The Times of Israel

Released hostage Amit Soussana, 40, was sexually assaulted and attacked by her Hamas captor during her captivity in Gaza, she tells The New York Times.

Soussana was released from captivity on the last day of a weeklong truce in late November.

In an interview with the Times, she recounts how she was held alone, chained up in a child’s bedroom where she was forced to commit sexual acts for her Hamas captor, who she says went by the name Muhammad.

Sometime around October 24, he attacked her while she was briefly unchained in order to use the bathroom.

“He came towards me and shoved the gun at my forehead,” Soussana says.

She recounts being forced to remove her towel while Muhammad groped her before being marched at gunpoint back to the bedroom, where he forced her to “commit a sexual act on him.”

The Times adds that Soussana’s account of what happened is consistent with reports viewed by the newspaper that she gave to medical professionals and a social worker immediately after her release.

Her account is the first time that a released hostage has publicly spoken about being sexually assaulted by Hamas terrorists while in captivity.

Earlier in March, the United Nations published a report indicating that rape and gang rape likely occurred during the October 7 Hamas terror onslaught, and said that there is “clear and convincing” evidence showing that hostages were raped while being held in Gaza, and that those currently held captive are still facing such abuse.