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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, January 12, 2024

Shocking: Hamas Used Cages to Transport and Confine Hostages

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According to Kan News, the IDF in Gaza has discovered cages belonging to Hamas that may have been used to transport and confine hostages.

Hostages freed from Hamas captivity, many speaking anonymously, described horrific treatment, such as being starved, bullied, branded and even being kept and transported in cages.

The Kan report Saturday said sources were unspecified intelligence findings that indicated that hostages captured during the October 7th massacre might have been transported and kept in cages.

Also, the cages might have been used for Palestinian prisoners as well.

In late November, shortly after nearly 100 women and children hostages were released from Gaza, members of Forum of Families of Hostages and the Missing revealed horrifying details about the treatment of the released captives.

Eyewitness accounts said that many captive women were held in cages, a statement supported by Hamas’ Telegram channels shortly following the massacre.

In an update on an earlier report, Israeli doctors say at least 30 of the freed hostages, most women, and girls but also some males, were sexually abused during their captivity in Gaza, according to USA Today.

In early December after initial examinations by medical professionals at least 10 freed hostages were reported to have been sexually assaulted by Hamas terrorists, but this number has been revised upward to at least 30 with additional examinations and as released hostages open up about their experiences.

The hostages who were sexually abused range in age from 12 to 48 and the females have been given pregnancy tests and have been screened for sexually transmitted diseases.

Although the doctors did not go into detail about the nature of the abuse, they noted that many of the freed hostages showed physical evidence of sexual abuse as well as signs of PTSD and “came to us as patients with the trauma of those who witnessed very severe sexual assaults.”

One doctor said that people who have been sexually abused typically have a mortality rate four times higher than someone who has not been sexually abused.