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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, March 10, 2023

Terror attack thwarted in West Bank

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I24 News

A Palestinian terrorist wielding a knife and armed with improvised explosives was killed by an Israeli whose West Bank farm he infiltrated in order to perpetrate an attack, Israeli media reported Friday.

The suspect hurled two homemade pipe bombs at the Jewish-owned farm, after which the farmer gunned him down. The terrorist was pronounced dead by emergency services. At least 10 pipe bombs were found nearby.

The incident took place in the Samaria region near Ma'aleh Shomron, and the Palestinian Health Ministry identified the assailant as 21-year-old Abd al-Karim al-Sheikh.

"A terrorist armed with knives and explosive devices arrived at the Dorot Illit area before a local man spotted the assailant, opened fire, and neutralized him," the Israeli military said in a statement.

This came amid another escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including a terrorist shooting in central Tel Aviv the night prior.